new poetry-films and more…

I’d like to thank film-maker Eduardo Yague for making two beautiful (and very different) films from my poem “Considering Luminescence” — one in English, and one translated to Spanish. “Considering Luminescence” was first published in Loch Raven Review, and is archived at The Poetry Storehouse. You can read the poem in English in the text below the Spanish-language film.

I’d also like to thank James Brush, editor of Gnarled Oak, for including my short poem “Hidden Flowers” in Gnarled Oak issue 3: Blue Vegetarian Lions.


2 thoughts on “new poetry-films and more…

  1. Laura,
    the Hidden Flowers are wonderful.

    And it is great to see how a poem can take such a different shape.
    The Spanish version is superb, though I didn’t like its very ending so much. The feel is so different and deep. Yague’s angle of it makes for a good story.

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    • I loved both of them, but you’re absolutely right — they are so different it is hard to believe they used the same poem — each illuminates a different aspect of it, and when I wrote the original, I definitely had personal sense of it being darker toward the end.

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