Wishbone: Winning Every Time

Wishbone: Winning Every Time / by Laura M Kaminski

Choose to be the innocence before the apple.
Choose to be the chosen, the sacrifice before
the knife. Be content in your simplicity —
your garden grows in bliss. Surrender
skin and seeds and sweetness, say “Amen” —
it goes like this: recognize you’ve feasted
in the giving of your thanks, and when
you find your hand upon a tender arch
of bone, another’s hand upon the other
part, ready to take a chance, to get
the longer break, to win — do not give up
your tight-held half, do not surrender then —
oh, no! Instead (you must tell no one
what you wish), wish only, silently for this:
no matter how the bone breaks, who gets
the larger half, the wish wished by
the other person comes to pass.