Press Release at Praxis Magazine for the first edition of my new collection, Dance Here! US readers who want a copy of this first edition can pre-order directly from me during the next seven days. ($20 covers book and shipping costs to me, and I will cover the cost of shipping from my address to yours.)


Right Hand Pointing 92, recent publications, and other (EXCITING!) news:

Right Hand Pointing Issue 92 is now available, and you can read the RHP Best of the Net nominations also. (Congratulations to all our nominees!)

I’d like to thank Verse-Virtual for reprinting “Day Seven: Anticipation” (which originally appeared at Via Negativa) in their November issue. I’d also like to thank Via Negativa for publishing “Bandaged Orb” and Visual Verse for including “Reach Out with a Spiral Arm” in their current chapter.

Jose Angel Araguz, who runs the weekly poetry blog The Friday Influence, also has a new column up at The Cincinnati Review. Here’s the first post he wrote for that column, which inspired my poem “First Dance Alone” — I’d like to thank Dave Bonta at Via Negativa for giving this “language salad” poem a home, and to Joyce Mathison (my MUM!!!) for providing such an amazing reading of the poem. (Just to be clear, Mum never actually spoke in “language salad” — she always spoke in either English or Hausa, not a mix. But even if you don’t speak Hausa, there’s enough of the poem in English to follow along.)

And now for that exciting news…the first edition of my third full-length collection of poetry, ‘Dance Here’ will soon be available in Nigeria, my first collection to be published there. Sometime not long after that, a second edition will be available via Amazon. Stay tuned for cover previews and pre-order information!

And, on top of all of that, it’s almost time for me to check the mailbox for my copy of the Atlanta Review Poetry 2015 contest issue, where I am deeply honored to have my name appear on the International Merit Awards list.