Quick post – interview up at the Daily Trust

I’d like to thank Abubakar Adam Ibrahim (author of The Whispering Trees and Season of Crimson Blossoms) for this interview with the Daily Trust. (And also a nod to their illustrator, who has managed to take 20 years off my age in the accompanying picture, as well as reverse the blindness in my left eye.) Cheers!


New interview and a few more poems…

Grateful to Samuel Osho of KREATIVE Diadem for this interview (although I continue to feel a bit strange about it appearing under the “Celebrate the Legend” heading).

Also grateful to Verse-Virtual for publishing four poems in the June issue, and to The Stare’s Nest for including a ghazal in their current series of poems. (This ghazal is part of the forthcoming chapbook 19 Ghazal Street.)