Sharing a post from The Friday Influence…

It’s been a long long time since I’ve shared anything here, but for any of you who follow my occasional posts, I wanted to share this post from The Friday Influence with you:
(The Friday Influence is the blog of poet, educator, and editor José Angel Araguz. Saddiq Dzukogi is also poet and educator — I am honored to be living, reading, and writing in the same world and at the same time as both of them.)

Stay blessed!


5 thoughts on “Sharing a post from The Friday Influence…

  1. Thanks for this Laura! I just received my copy and haven’t read it yet, and the poem Jose included is stunning, that final gesture of reching inside!!! I feel Saddiq has much to teach me here, through his suffering and art, about my own, as well as all the grief we carry with us.

    I hope you are well and safe, and weathering these strange times with your great patience and grace. Love and peace to you my sister!

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