The Heretic’s Hymnal: 99 New and Selected Poems is forthcoming in 2019 from Balkan Press. The manuscript includes selections from my first two books (‘Returning to Awe’ & ‘last penny the sun’, both of which will be going out of print sometime this year). It also includes poems from ‘Dance Here’ (Origami Books, Lagos, Nigeria), as that book is not available in the United States. And, of course, new work, including some of the An-Nur series poems. I’m grateful to publisher William Bernhardt, for believing in these poems…and thank you, friends and readers, for your generous support and encouragement on the journey.

Anchorhold, a poetry collection designed by BardStudio and edited by Wale Owoade, with cover art from Robert Rhodes, Introduction by JKAnowe, and Foreword by j.lewis.

19 Ghazal Street, a chapbook collection of nineteen ghazals with cover art by Robert Rhodes.

For readers in Nigeria, DANCE HERE is available from AMAB Books in Minna, Nigeria (contact them at for ordering information).

Considering Luminescence (2015) is my second full-length collection, a gathering of poems published in US and international journals between 2013 and 2015. Several of the poems in this collection have been turned into poetry-films / video-poems by various film-makers; links for those films are provided on the acknowledgments page. Considering Luminescence was listed as a finalist in The Lascaux Review 2015 Poetry Collection Contest.

Answering the Cuttlefish (2014) is a chapbook of thirteen poems written in response to Temple Cone’s 2012 Finishing Line Press chapbook The Waters Beyond the Ark. Elena Sokolova generously allowed me to use her painting “Sunrise” as the cover for Answering the Cuttlefish — I am deeply grateful.

And Yes, I Dance (2014) is a chapbook of poems about aftermath and recovery of a brain-stem hemorrhage stroke.



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