New Work at Verse-Virtual, Gnarled Oak, and Expound

Honored to have three poems in the April issue of Verse-Virtual, inspired by a prompt from Firestone Feinberg, and poems from James E. Lewis, Steve Klepetar, and Firestone Feinberg in the March 2016 issue.

Also grateful to James Brush, editor at Gnarled Oak, for including an untitled sonnet (written in response to another untitled sonnet), as part of Gnarled Oak Issue 7, the experimental “oldies” issue in which contributors share poems from before 1900 that they have found meaningful, and respond to them through comments, photography, film, art, poetry.

Finally, delighted to have “Coral Cacti” in the current issue of Expound; this poem is a response to “Clams” (a poem by Jose Angel Araguz). I’ve been trying to write a response to “Clams” since September 2014, and (FINALLY) here it is.


Much gratitude…

I’ve been running behind schedule on many things lately, but want to take the time to thank the editors and journals who have published poems during the past few weeks:

The Lake: Until We Reach It

Via Negativa: Ghazal with second thoughts
Via Negativa: Ghazal with an abundance of water
Via Negativa: This Cold Ache
Via Negativa: Before the Harvest
Via Negativa: By yon bonnie banks

Whispers: More, Please

Visual Verse: We Picked a Bad Time

Verse-Virtual: three poems (Chenin Blanc, Confirmation: Poem ending with Matt. 18:4, & Poem with a refrain borrowed from Mozart)

Also grateful to have a collaborative poem written with Saddiq M Dzukogi at Whispers: Bookmarked

Thank you for stopping by, and for taking the time to read. Deeply appreciated.