Reflecting on the Vote at the Special Session
of the United Methodist General Conference

I took a walk with God last night
(because if you can, why not?)
and some ways down the road He

said “Hold up,” and stopped
at the front steps of a church
and said “I need to leave

a note, would you kindly reach
Me that box of stationery?”
And sure enough, there it was,

box of “36 Assorted Greetings,
with verses from the scripture”
and I passed it over, saying

“With Bible verses yet!” and
He murmured something sounding
like (shameless self promotion)

but murmured it so lowly I
wasn’t absolutely sure where
He’d put the hyphen. He took

a card and envelope, began to
write the note, and He knelt
low enough to let me read over

His shoulder. “Dear LGBTQI
Friends and Fam: I am so deeply
sorry that this happened. I am

so deeply sorry that you’ve
been unwelcomed. And I get it.
I really do, because the vote

was just as much about Me as
about you, all of us have been
advised of what our limits

ought to be, told who we are
and aren’t supposed to love.
But keep faith, I’m also out

here, right here with you. Be
strong. Stay loving. Steady on.”
When He put it in the envelope

and put it on the handle of
the door, I was able to see
the message on the cover:

Wish You Were Here.

And then He looked at me
and said “Perhaps We ought
to leave another?” And I

nodded, reached in the box
and picked one, put my name
below the greeting, and then

so did He, and this second
one He slid beneath the door
into the sanctuary entry:

Get Well Soon.

-Laura M Kaminski (Halima Ayuba), 03-March-2019