Final 10 days left to contribute to #PoetsForPeace Collaboration!

200+ contributions! If you haven’t already, do consider adding your voice to this amazing project!


Hello Everyone,

We are so happy with how far we have come with this collaboration. Not only did we surpass our expectations with our lovely community (we have close to 200 contributions!), we are getting published with the help of our friend Laura! To see more details on publications please click here.

We wanted to remind everyone that this is the final stretch… if you still want to contribute, please do so by clicking here #PoetsForPeace, and adding your piece in the comment section. Please also mail your permission to be published to Michael at when you post your piece. 

The collaboration will close on August 31, 2016, so join us today! Multiple contributions are welcome! Please remember to add your piece in the original collaboration post listed above. 

Please help us share this message through social media and reblogs using the #PoetsForPeace hashtag.


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Three new poems at Verse-Virtual…

…inspired by Jose Angel Araguz, Tobi Alfier, and Neil Creighton. Most grateful to Firestone Feinberg and the editorial team at Verse-Virtual for publishing them. Titles are Anchorhold, Reserve: poem ending with a line from Rumi, & Ghazal in response to Tobi Alfier’s “The Cobbler”. (For anyone unfamiliar with the term “anchorhold” the Wikipedia entry for “anchorite” may be useful.)

New interview and a few more poems…

Grateful to Samuel Osho of KREATIVE Diadem for this interview (although I continue to feel a bit strange about it appearing under the “Celebrate the Legend” heading).

Also grateful to Verse-Virtual for publishing four poems in the June issue, and to The Stare’s Nest for including a ghazal in their current series of poems. (This ghazal is part of the forthcoming chapbook 19 Ghazal Street.)

Catching Up on a Few Announcements

I’ve been transitioning lately, setting off on a new adventure — which will be the topic of my next post. But first, there are a few announcements I’d like to share:

I’m honored that “Hush” has won an Honorable Mention in the Tom Howard / Margaret Reid Poetry Contest 2015 at Winning Writers. (This is one of my all-time favorites of the poems I have written, and it’s exciting for it to have received recognition in a venue I hold in high regard. “Hush” is part of the full-length collection last penny the sun.)

The following poems have appeared in various journals since my last post:
“In-Habit” at Whispers.
Three poems (“Keepsake for Isky” “Interval” “Rough Beast”) at Verse-Virtual.
“Reserving Judgment” (a collaboration with Saddiq M Dzukogi) at Gnarled Oak.

Finally, although not a publication per se, a poem: several weeks ago, I finished reading CROSSING THE LINES: Stories by Tony Press (Big Table Publishing, 2016). I love this series of short stories, and wanted to pay tribute to that by giving it a five star review on Amazon. No matter how I tried, though, I couldn’t express the impression these stories left on me in prose – every attempt felt inadequate. I finally went back to one of my mantras: When I am at a loss for words, that is the place where the poem begins. So I gave into the poem, a poem in response to the book, and submitted it to Amazon as a review. I was nervous while I waited to see whether or not it would actually be “approved” as a review – more nervous than I’ve been about any submissions to journals or contests in quite a while. (I still get nervous about being “interviewed” and “featured” though!) But it WAS actually approved, and the poem does better justice to the book than my attempts at prose did. You can read it here: Sipping It Slow: Poem in Response to Crossing the Lines: Stories by Tony Press.   Do check out the book if opportunity permits. It’s something to be savored.

Considering Luminiscence: a Lascaux Review finalist!

Honored and downright delighted that my full-length collection made the finalist list in the 2015 Lascaux Review Poetry Collection Contest. I’m grateful to the facilitators, and am looking forward to reading the winner and the other four finalists. For anyone who might be interested that doesn’t already have a copy, Considering Luminescence is available here.

I’m also grateful to Gnarled Oak for including “Ferry-Luggage” – a response to “The Old” by Roden Noel (1834-1894). (Both poems are included in the post.)

I don’t often write full-length book reviews (maybe one a year), but the most recent one is now up at The Lake: a review of John L. Stanizzi’s Hallelujah Time! (2nd April 2016 review, scroll down to read.)

I’ve also recently had the honor and pleasure of participating in the design / layout, and also writing the foreword, for a digital chapbook at Praxis Magazine. The chapbook is by JK Anowe (Antoni Okafor), with cover art by Robert Rhodes. The Ikemefuna Tributaries, Epistle 1: a parable for paranoia is available as a free PDF download here. And any poet-readers who find themselves inclined to respond to this chapbook by writing a poem of their own, I would be most interested in reading it. Please use the Contact Me form here on the blog if you don’t already have other personal contact information for me.

Finally, I’m glad to be back in the ongoing conversation at Via Negativa with “Poem with lines from John Donne’s ‘Meditation XVII'” written in response to work from Dave Bonta at Via Negativa and Joseph Lisowski at Verse-Virtual; links to the poems that provided the inspiration appear at the end.