Sharing the Journey, Week 20

Just a quick post to share some gratitude: I’m well and truly able to be back at my desk now, and am enjoying making progress on submissions queues and backlogged editorial work, and getting back in touch with friends online.

I’m also deeply grateful to James Brush, editor of Gnarled Oak, for including one of my poems in the last position in the final issue of Gnarled Oak. Gnarled Oak has been a favorite journal during its duration, and I’m glad to have been able to be part of it, right through to closing. Here’s “Everything Ends with Amen”:

Stay blessed!


Sharing the Journey, Week Nineteen

Amazing how much difference three weeks can make! I’m back to more than 80% of my physical therapy routine, able to cook and bake and leash-walk Mose again, able to sit longer and focus a little more at my desk. And all these are gifts…being without these things, completely or in part, brings the focus onto how very grateful I am to be able to do these things at all.

I’m even gradually catching up on editorial and communications commitments. And am grateful to editor James Brush of Gnarled Oak for including a poem in the final issue of Gnarled Oak, issue 15, which is unfolding right now:

In other news, Right Hand Pointing issue 122 has been released and is available here:

And there’s just been a cover preview and release date announcement for a book I am much looking forward to reading, Yahia Labadidi’s Where Epics Fail. And, just for a smile, here’s a poem called “Compound Eye” from Todd Mercer that I bumped into in the May issue of The Lake:

Perspective is everything, yes?

Stay blessed!