Verse-Virtual & Via Negativa

Delighted to be back at Verse-Virtual with “Remembering the Cashew Wars” — a poem from my forthcoming collection, Dance Here. (It was originally published in the Returning to Awe chapbook.)

Also, another new poem “Reprimand” is up at Via Negativa.

Blessed Arrogance

Delighted to have a new poem titled “Blessed Arrogance” up at Via Negativa today. Thank you, Luisa A Igloria, for the inspiration, and Dave Bonta (as always) for the hospitality.

more gratitude

As many of you have probably guessed, I left the previous post up as long as possible so that as many people as possible would have the opportunity to read it. (It is a collaborative work with amu-nnadi, j. lewis, and Robert Rhodes and generously published by Creative Thresholds – deeply grateful to editor Melissa D. Johnston for bringing the sequence to a wider audience, and to Dhyan of Utopian Fragments for reblogging.)

Other recent publication news includes:
a collaboration with Wale Owoade at Whispers: After a Generation,
a new one at One Sentence Poems: He’s Not Heavy,

and three at Via Negativa: Without an Umbrella and Why Is This Pumpkin Not a Chicken?
as well as a response to a ghazal from Luisa A Igloria in which I borrowed the first line of each of her couplets and replaced the second lines with something of my own: Borrowed Lines.

I’m also delighted to announce that my most recent collection, Considering Luminescence, is now available from Amazon and elsewhere.