Collaboration and Congratulations

Recently, I had the honor of collaborating on a poem with a friend, Yahia Lababidi, on a poem titled “Holy Mess”…and that poem has now been published at The Friday Influence. You can read it, along with opening insights from José Angel Araguz and our comments on the writing of it, here at The Friday Influence.

While here today, I also want to share another poem from Yahia with you, “Speaking American” (featured on PBS NewsHour), a poem I return to again and again. If you haven’t read this one before, please do scroll down to the end of the post and read (or listen) to it.

I also want to take the opportunity here to congratulate José Angel Araguz on the publication of his most recent collection of poems, An Empty Pot’s Darkness. This is a powerful collection of eight-line poems…thank you, José, for giving me an advance peek at the manuscript before release.

Living is collaboration, learning, reconsidering, revising…

Stay blessed!



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