Considering Luminiscence: a Lascaux Review finalist!

Honored and downright delighted that my full-length collection made the finalist list in the 2015 Lascaux Review Poetry Collection Contest. I’m grateful to the facilitators, and am looking forward to reading the winner and the other four finalists. For anyone who might be interested that doesn’t already have a copy, Considering Luminescence is available here.

I’m also grateful to Gnarled Oak for including “Ferry-Luggage” – a response to “The Old” by Roden Noel (1834-1894). (Both poems are included in the post.)

I don’t often write full-length book reviews (maybe one a year), but the most recent one is now up at The Lake: a review of John L. Stanizzi’s Hallelujah Time! (2nd April 2016 review, scroll down to read.)

I’ve also recently had the honor and pleasure of participating in the design / layout, and also writing the foreword, for a digital chapbook at Praxis Magazine. The chapbook is by JK Anowe (Antoni Okafor), with cover art by Robert Rhodes. The Ikemefuna Tributaries, Epistle 1: a parable for paranoia is available as a free PDF download here. And any poet-readers who find themselves inclined to respond to this chapbook by writing a poem of their own, I would be most interested in reading it. Please use the Contact Me form here on the blog if you don’t already have other personal contact information for me.

Finally, I’m glad to be back in the ongoing conversation at Via Negativa with “Poem with lines from John Donne’s ‘Meditation XVII'” written in response to work from Dave Bonta at Via Negativa and Joseph Lisowski at Verse-Virtual; links to the poems that provided the inspiration appear at the end.