“Bring things out of the realm of the possible into the actual”

Those of you who’ve been following the Ark of Identity for a while know I’ve never shared any crowd-funding campaigns here, but I’m going to do so for the first time today. Damilola Michael Aderibigbe is Nigerian poet (and personal friend) who has received the honor of a residency opportunity at the Dickinson House in Belgium later this year.

Between small grants and crowd-funding, we have raised enough to cover the balance of the residency costs and initial passport and visa applications; we are still trying to find enough additional funding to cover the international airfare, and perhaps allow for an additional week or so of travel in Europe. (He has already received an invitation from a publication in another European country to do a reading of his poetry if he is able to extend the scope and duration of his travel.) Airfare is our first priority, and anything beyond airfare will go toward accepting additional reading opportunities in Europe.

Donations in any amount at all are welcome. If you are not able to donate, but are able to share or reblog to reach more people who might be willing to help in a small way, I would be deeply grateful. The GoFundMe link to his campaign is HERE.


March News and Gratitude

Once again I’m running late posting my thank-you notes to editors who have published my writing recently. Here are seven poems and a book review published during the past three weeks:

The Lake: “Witness”

Synchronized Chaos: “Fables Six – Ten/The End” (second half of a ten-poem sequence reprinted from my collection last penny the sun, 1-5 were reprinted in February)

Synchronized Chaos: My first book review, of Elsie Augustave’s The Roving Tree

DM du Jour (daily online journal of Danse Macabre): “Superstition” (a birthday poem written last year for a friend, and published in time for her birthday this year)