new poetry-films and more…

I’d like to thank film-maker Eduardo Yague for making two beautiful (and very different) films from my poem “Considering Luminescence” — one in English, and one translated to Spanish. “Considering Luminescence” was first published in Loch Raven Review, and is archived at The Poetry Storehouse. You can read the poem in English in the text below the Spanish-language film.

I’d also like to thank James Brush, editor of Gnarled Oak, for including my short poem “Hidden Flowers” in Gnarled Oak issue 3: Blue Vegetarian Lions.


More December Thank You Notes

I’d like to thank Robert S King and the editorial team at the Kentucky Review for publishing two of my poems, “Conversion” and “Give Us a Moment Yet, Hesperides”. This is the first time I’ve had poems up at the Kentucky Review, and I’m deeply honored.

I’d also like to thank Dave Bonta and Luisa A. Igloria for the continued inspiration and hospitality they have offered me at Via Negativa this month. Three new poems are now available:
“Rising” and
“Coming to my senses”

Finally, I’d like to thank Dale Wisely for his reading of “Two” — a poem inspired by an Eduardo Yague film — all in the archives at The Poetry Storehouse.


Interview in Moving Poems Magazine

Honored to have been interviewed recently in Moving Poems Magazine about my participation in The Poetry Storehouse project, and how I feel about putting poems out for others to use under a Creative Commons license. You can read the interview here.

new poems and more…


the dancer, bereft of vision
manipulates the earth
with the movements of her feet
coaxes breezes from sullen
skies, entices enormous clouds
with pouting lips to kiss
the needles of the evergreens

the best kiss is the most
sincere, it must be offered
without haste, it must choose
to take a shape, a frozen
filigree, unique, a snowflake
held a moment on a branch,
then melting

–Laura M Kaminski, 2014

and still more gratitude… Marc Neys made a poem-film from “Facing the Wall” which is archived here at The Poetry Storehouse…you can watch the film (Invisible) here, and…

Jutta Pryor took the second part of my poem “Frequencies” (which you can read below), and created a poem-film using music from Masonik Arts — you can watch Jutta’s film “Ghost” here. (This collaborative beauty originated in POOL.)


response to Frequencies (Synthetic Variations) (, a video from Nicolas Bernier

Part I: Workings

I wanted to see inside, try
to understand the workings
of your mind. Now, you’ve shown
me. Now I am content to let you
remain a mystery.

Part II: Ghost

I asked what you think
about ghosts — do you believe?
And what do you suppose
they do all day, these spirits?
You tell me they celebrate,
they dance with talking drums
under no moon. I wonder
how you know this, but I
do not ask.

Part III: Beneath

Seeing sound, hearing light —
in the depths of the ocean, more
beneath the surface waves
than we can travel, is this the way
our ancestors, those single
cells who never saw the sun —
is this how they communicate?
And is it now too late for us
to learn their language?

–Laura M Kaminski, 2014
(this poem was initiated in POOL)

More October Adventures, More October Gratitude

I’d like to thank Russell Streur, editor of The Camel Saloon, for publishing my prose-piece “Three Pigs and Wolf” on October 21st, and also Keely Honeywell, of RiverLit, for publishing “Monkey Trap” on RiverLit – 100 Words on October 20th.

For those who enjoyed watching Nic Sebastian’s remix of my poem “Joining the Lotus Eaters” into a video-poem, you may also like to watch Marie Craven’s video of the same poem here — it is fascinating for me to see this poem heading off on its own adventures! (Thanks again to The Poetry Storehouse for archiving some of my poems, and making them available to these amazing film-makers under a Creative Commons license!)

And just yesterday, I had a delightful collaborative exchange with Dave Bonta — he posted a series of wonderful photographs under the title “A Nature Walk at the Airport” on his Via Negativa blog, and I responded with a ten-poem cycle called “Tree Ring Cantos” which he generously published on his blog this morning. Marvelous fun!

Thank you, friends, for your continued support! (I wouldn’t be brave enough to do this without your encouragement.) Blessings, all.

“Joining the Lotus Eaters” poem has been made into a mini-film by Nic Sebastian

I’d like to thank Nic Sebastian for remixing my poem “Joining the Lotus Eaters” into a mini-film — you can watch it here.

This is one of five poems recently accepted by The Poetry Storehouse for archiving, and their volunteer readers made audio-clips for each one. You can read and listen to them, and explore other poems and remixes, at The Poetry Storehouse.

If you’d like to explore more of Nic Sebastian’s work, she has links posted on her WordPress blog Very Like a Whale.

I’d should also mention another bit of news — I recently found out that my poem “loved, further, crackles” won third place in the Uut Poetry/What3Words contest — you can follow the link if you’d like to read the poem.