Sharing the Journey, Week 02

Second week of the journey, and I’ve been feeding a lot of wood into the wood-stove, and focusing on editorial work (the next digital chapbook for Praxis Magazine Online, by poet and photographer j.lewis, author of a clear day in october).

Beyond that, I’ve been doing laundry…and it seems strange to me, the way this language works: when I say “I’ve been doing laundry (literally)” it means I’ve been washing and folding. But I’ve also been doing literary laundry, for a bit of a smile:

Gratitude to Via Negativa (again!) for both providing inspiration and hosting the results:
Laundry Poem #1: “Because I Sort of Knew Him”
Laundry Poem #2: “What’s In a Name”

and, the latest, Laundry Poem #3: “Where the West Begins”



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