new poems and more…


the dancer, bereft of vision
manipulates the earth
with the movements of her feet
coaxes breezes from sullen
skies, entices enormous clouds
with pouting lips to kiss
the needles of the evergreens

the best kiss is the most
sincere, it must be offered
without haste, it must choose
to take a shape, a frozen
filigree, unique, a snowflake
held a moment on a branch,
then melting

–Laura M Kaminski, 2014

and still more gratitude… Marc Neys made a poem-film from “Facing the Wall” which is archived here at The Poetry Storehouse…you can watch the film (Invisible) here, and…

Jutta Pryor took the second part of my poem “Frequencies” (which you can read below), and created a poem-film using music from Masonik Arts — you can watch Jutta’s film “Ghost” here. (This collaborative beauty originated in POOL.)


response to Frequencies (Synthetic Variations) (, a video from Nicolas Bernier

Part I: Workings

I wanted to see inside, try
to understand the workings
of your mind. Now, you’ve shown
me. Now I am content to let you
remain a mystery.

Part II: Ghost

I asked what you think
about ghosts — do you believe?
And what do you suppose
they do all day, these spirits?
You tell me they celebrate,
they dance with talking drums
under no moon. I wonder
how you know this, but I
do not ask.

Part III: Beneath

Seeing sound, hearing light —
in the depths of the ocean, more
beneath the surface waves
than we can travel, is this the way
our ancestors, those single
cells who never saw the sun —
is this how they communicate?
And is it now too late for us
to learn their language?

–Laura M Kaminski, 2014
(this poem was initiated in POOL)