Sharing the Journey, Week Nineteen

Amazing how much difference three weeks can make! I’m back to more than 80% of my physical therapy routine, able to cook and bake and leash-walk Mose again, able to sit longer and focus a little more at my desk. And all these are gifts…being without these things, completely or in part, brings the focus onto how very grateful I am to be able to do these things at all.

I’m even gradually catching up on editorial and communications commitments. And am grateful to editor James Brush of Gnarled Oak for including a poem in the final issue of Gnarled Oak, issue 15, which is unfolding right now:

In other news, Right Hand Pointing issue 122 has been released and is available here:

And there’s just been a cover preview and release date announcement for a book I am much looking forward to reading, Yahia Labadidi’s Where Epics Fail. And, just for a smile, here’s a poem called “Compound Eye” from Todd Mercer that I bumped into in the May issue of The Lake:

Perspective is everything, yes?

Stay blessed!




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