Sharing the Journey, Week 15

My focus this past week has been intensive physical therapy, relearning how to walk safely with both feet on the floor and no walker after the fall and foot injury from two weeks ago. Observations related to this process:

  1. no matter how many times you relearn to walk, it’s always a big deal every time you have to do it again
  2. if you use daily physical therapy as a primary pain management technique and aren’t able to do it daily, pain becomes a challenge
  3. if your foot is deformed with toes sticking up instead of down on the floor where they belong, not only is relearning to walk a little different, but your feet may not be able to fit into your shoes (which would probably have been obvious to anyone outside looking in, but in the pain-haze resulting from #2, took me a dreadfully long time to comprehend when I was trying to put shoes on and couldn’t make it happen)
  4. when you are going through all this, and you have a dear friend in Nsukka who, despite the ocean between you, walks “with” you and for you, and even prays with you and for you,  it is truly a steadying thing…never underestimate the power and possibilities and reach of a loving heart

All that said, during this first week back on both feet, I really actually am back on both feet, and incredibly grateful for it. I’ve gone from being able to do none of my physical therapy exercises at all to about 20% of what was my daily routine before falling two weeks ago. 20% means there’s still a long way to go…but from zero to 20% is an amazing amount of progress. Am grateful, am grateful, am grateful. One step at a time. Literally.

I’d like to thank all those whose reached out during these past couple of weeks with messages who are still waiting for me to respond. I haven’t been able to sit at my desk much, so I’m also working through those one small step at a time, and am only  at about 20% in that realm also. Thank you for your patience so far…and for however much longer it takes for me to get to where I can send you a response.

As a closing note, there IS other good news this week…the second part of the Right Hand Pointing very short poems April issue is now available. Bite-sized brilliance…here’s the link:

And the email feed from One Sentence Poems brought THIS piece of good news my way this morning: Tony Press has joined the staff of One Sentence Poems. Congratulations all the way around on that!

Thanks for reading. Stay blessed!

4 thoughts on “Sharing the Journey, Week 15

  1. Dearest Laura, my thoughts are with you as you take these steps, and I hope you continue to become ever stronger and steadier, and your pain less and less. You have a wise and loving heart, that has gathered many other hearts into its embrace, and all of us are holding you steady in that embrace, returning to you our blessings and our love. No need to reply, you have enough to do already…keep healing….As you have always done, so well, so well.

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