Sharing the Journey, Week 11

My friend Siraj and I have something of a tradition of communicating through poems, and recently, he sent me a poem in response to my poem “Anchorhold“… and has given me permission to share his poem here, followed by my response to it.

inspired by Laura M Kaminski’s poem, Anchorhold
for a couple of hours
I watch a boy
a hungry looking boy
holding an apple
he looks at the fruit
as a boys-seeking teen girl
examines the growth
of her breasts. I ask
him to eat his apple
but the boy ask in return
if I would have my god
and eat him away
I look into him and
remember my father
because he’d say
sometimes it is enough
to see what we need
without having them
-Sirajo Illo Abdulazeez (Sabuke)

After several weeks, I was able to respond with this one:

response to and ending
with lines from “enough”
by Sirajo Illo Abdulazeez
if we stop to watch
this hungry boy again
and find he has
still to eat the apple
in his hand, perhaps
we should explore
the entire scene more
closely, from an other
point of view
let this hungry
child who hasn’t eaten
what he most desires
and is holding
in his hand…let
him be our apple, our
miracle of grace
to be examined,
polished, cherished
if we have time, we
may examine him
in four dimensions
and with the three
dimensions given
us for coordinates
in space, plus time
we can look more deeply
and now see
what he is holding
in his hand
is not an apple merely
but all that this
apple has been
and will be
this hungry boy holds
in his hand not just
a single piece of fruit
his open palm
holds an entire tree
roots and branches
a pale blossom
ripening skin, hidden
core and seeds
in four dimensions
this boy is boy
and in time, old man
wrinkled, wisened
holding a tree
and a seed in his
hand, holding the soil
of all seven earths,
holding all the rain
that has ever fallen
on seven continents
holding ice that formed
when an ancient star
inhaled and was
broken open
in four dimensions
this boy is boy
and also infant
and his parents and their
parents and their parents
back to eden, then before
-Halima Ayuba (Laura M Kaminski), 17-March-2018

If you’re interested in reading one of our earlier poetry exchanges, editor Cristina Deptula of Synchronized Chaos has been kind enough to make a home for some of these conversations in poetry. Here’s a link to our conversation in 2016:


As always, thank you for continuing to share the journey. Stay blessed.

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