Book Release: ANCHORHOLD

Greetings, friends and fam! I’m delighted to announce that my latest (and final) full-length poetry collection, edited by Wale Owoade (of EXPOUND, The Strong Letters, and Bard Studio), is now available on Amazon! If you are located in the US and would like to have a signed copy, I will be glad to sign one and ship it to you for the same price ($9.00 US) that it is selling for on Amazon — just use the Contact Me form on this blog and let me know you’re interested. I can accept PayPal, checks, and promises too, if you’d like me to hold a signed copy for you. Here’s the link to Anchorhold.

The lovely cover art is from Robert Rhodes, the book design by Bard Studio, with a Foreword by j.lewis and an Introduction by JK Anowe…and a rather embarrassingly generous set of comments from colleagues in the poetry community who received advance copies of the manuscript.

This is the last collection of poetry I expect to publish, so to all of those who have followed me here on the Ark of Identity during this four-year poetry adventure: THANK YOU! Grateful for all the encouragement, inspiration, and support you’ve given me along the way. I’ll still keep the blog up, but the “Poetry Practice and Links” part of its title will be changing to reflect the next stage of the journey.


4 thoughts on “Book Release: ANCHORHOLD

  1. In four years, you have achieved what other poets couldn’t in decades. You are a universal poet. God bless you and grant you good health and prosperity, Mama!


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