More December Thank You Notes

I’d like to thank Robert S King and the editorial team at the Kentucky Review for publishing two of my poems, “Conversion” and “Give Us a Moment Yet, Hesperides”. This is the first time I’ve had poems up at the Kentucky Review, and I’m deeply honored.

I’d also like to thank Dave Bonta and Luisa A. Igloria for the continued inspiration and hospitality they have offered me at Via Negativa this month. Three new poems are now available:
“Rising” and
“Coming to my senses”

Finally, I’d like to thank Dale Wisely for his reading of “Two” — a poem inspired by an Eduardo Yague film — all in the archives at The Poetry Storehouse.



One thought on “More December Thank You Notes

  1. Laura
    a wonderful basket.

    I like two very much and the reading of it is great.
    The two poems in Kentucky are really a good read. Something to have in a book so you can open again and again. For me, they are a bit of different style of what I am used to read from you. But I couldn’t say why.

    (Still waiting for that address)

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