More October Adventures, More October Gratitude

I’d like to thank Russell Streur, editor of The Camel Saloon, for publishing my prose-piece “Three Pigs and Wolf” on October 21st, and also Keely Honeywell, of RiverLit, for publishing “Monkey Trap” on RiverLit – 100 Words on October 20th.

For those who enjoyed watching Nic Sebastian’s remix of my poem “Joining the Lotus Eaters” into a video-poem, you may also like to watch Marie Craven’s video of the same poem here — it is fascinating for me to see this poem heading off on its own adventures! (Thanks again to The Poetry Storehouse for archiving some of my poems, and making them available to these amazing film-makers under a Creative Commons license!)

And just yesterday, I had a delightful collaborative exchange with Dave Bonta — he posted a series of wonderful photographs under the title “A Nature Walk at the Airport” on his Via Negativa blog, and I responded with a ten-poem cycle called “Tree Ring Cantos” which he generously published on his blog this morning. Marvelous fun!

Thank you, friends, for your continued support! (I wouldn’t be brave enough to do this without your encouragement.) Blessings, all.


2 thoughts on “More October Adventures, More October Gratitude

  1. It’s amazing to see your own words take a different shape. I must admit there is not much in the poetry storehouse that speaks to me but I really like these happenings; the little new dimensions and interpretation that the pieces get with every step.

    Congrats Laura and keep sharing – it is great to see them all across

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    • Thanks, Dhyan — amazing indeed. There have actually been two additional films since this post, for other poems. (I’m overwhelmed and humbled that so many people have taken the time to play with my words! I’ll try to get those links posted here within the next couple of days.) Peace.


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