misdirected / by Laura M Kaminski

a response to Ihsan Jaffar‘s “Our Heroes”

misdirected, only
these aspirations

misunderstood, only
these desires —

does not each
sapling yearn
to grow into a larger
tree? each cherry
blossom beg
the bees for pollen
that it too might
make fruit?

even this idolatry
is a reflection
of our wanting

the dawning
of our craving
to be part of something
greater than our

even this idolatry
is only misdirected

does not Rumi say
the One accepts
all coin, bad
and good?

–Laura M Kaminski, 2014




9 thoughts on “misdirected

  1. Exquisite! Deep resonance, stirring that of being no-one. Most words we can ever utter or write still seems only able to point towards that which somehow never can be spoken, yet sensed perhaps even experienced. Somehow, to me, this poem lives right in the center where words rarely can reach… I’m quite blown away by this.


  2. Laura, “misdirected” a deep, thoughtful piece of poetry! Ah, I see Patty may have led you to me! Thanks for the “Follow” & the “Like” for my “Disaster Relief” post on my excuseusforliving.com Phil


    • Thank you, Phil! I’m a bit busy for the next few days, but look forward to exploring your blog further when I get the chance. (I have WP saving it as “weekly digests” for me.) All the best! – Laura


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