Making Ready

Making Ready / by Laura M Kaminski

My tiny self is not willing
to participate in this suggestion,
will not undertake a voluntary
evacuation — so it makes
a plan for hurricanes,
how it will shelter in place,
place tape across my eyes

so they won’t break, bring in
all of me that’s fragile,
gather all it thinks it needs
for self-sufficiency, withdraw
into some inner hallway
deep within, hide inside
determined to survive alone.

But Love is stronger than
the solitary shelter where
I cower, it roars and crashes,
takes the roof off, strips
away all my protection.
Indiscriminate, it also
tears away my self-perception,

insecurities and all fear of rejection.
It rips through this tidy place
of safety that I’ve made until
there’s nothing left beneath
my feet or in my grasp but air,
and nothing left for me except
to dare the storm.

— Laura M Kaminski, 2014


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